What is StatusHub?


Category: Product

StatusHub is a flexible incident (crisis/status) and event communication tool that helps you keep your impacted staff and end users updated effectively Its efficient communication mechanisms create a beneficial environment of trust and transparency for the people that rely on your company.

Why do you need it?

If you’ve ever asked yourself questions such as...

  • How do I reduce the impact downtime has on my company?
  • What is the ideal incident communication plan for my business?
  • How do I figure out which stakeholders should be notified about maintenance events or incidents involving a system or service, and what is the best way to ensure that they are aware of the status?
  • Is it better to notify people about the incident or fix it before they even notice?
  • How do I increase the productivity of my business’s tech, support, and incident teams?

...then StatusHub is exactly what you need.


StatusHub empowers your customers and employees to subscribe to updates so they can get immediate incident notifications the moment you update your hub.

Through these subscriptions, users can choose whether they want to be notified via email, SMS, or Webhook integration. This keeps your customers and employees up to date with the status of your services 24/7/365. Instead of wondering what is going on, users will receive notifications with every update you make, and you can be sure that they’re receiving them.

Give as much control as possible to your end users to help take pressure off your support and tech teams. Communicating with users through StatusHub empowers your team members to do their jobs faster, more efficiently, and with fewer disruptions than ever before.