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Downtime? Communicate with customers and maintain trust

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Losing connectivity can mean losing customers.

When tech fails, we’re here to help you mitigate the damage, maintain your brand, and preserve user’s trust without a second’s delay with:


When your company suffers an outage—whether it’s your brand website, e-mail server, or web application database—clear and timely status updates to your customers are crucial to keeping them happy. At StatusHub, we keep your customers and end users informed of every update via your customized StatusHub. Email and SMS messages can be sent through the system to reach your customers where and how they interact with you, even when your regular systems suffer an outage.


Time is more precious during an unexpected event. With StatusHub, coworkers and customers alike get real-time updates on progress so your team can do what they do best—perform the critical function of investigating and solving issues—with fewer interruptions.
Provide everyone the answers to their questions before they ask them and keep those time-consuming phone calls at bay. That means customers that feel cared about, quicker resolutions, and an unscarred brand image.
StatusHub also integrates seamlessly with your current monitoring services (like Pingdom) to keep key activities automated.


StatusHub is engineered to cater to a wide range of configurations and requirements. For full custom control and versatility, we offer an API that evolves to meet your company’s needs.
We are constantly improving and adapting our service to deliver the best solution, fast—so you can do the same for your customers. Contact us to discuss which StatusHub configuration is right for you.

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