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What is a system status page?

A system status page is an end-user-facing platform that allows companies or service providers to communicate in real time about the status of their IT systems, including any ongoing incidents, maintenance activities, or disruptions. It serves as a centralized location for users to check for updates, helping to reduce the volume of support requests and increase transparency regarding system performance and issues. Here is an example of how StatusHub provides efficient IT communication.

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Key features of incident management solution

StatusHub’s features make it easy to keep your customers and team informed during any downtime.

  • Connected Hubs

    Connected Hubs

    Operate multiple status pages in a way to achieve more relevant communication with end-users and make your incident management process more smooth and precise with the help of the right incident management software. Learn more.

  • Multiple Notification Channels

    Multiple Notification Channels

    Using a self-service interface on your status page, end users can choose how they receive the automated notifications — through email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or WebHook. This approach aligns with ITIL incident management practices by enhancing communication channels and incorporating problem management. Customer support has never been easier.

  • Monitoring Tool Integrations

    Monitoring Tool Integrations

    Integrate StatusHub incident management system with your monitoring tools to automate incident creation, or create incidents manually.

  • Public and Private Status Pages

    Public and Private Status Pages

    Set your status page to private so only members of your company can see it, and protect your private site with SAML 2.0 and OAuth password protection. Ideal for managing incidents within a secure environment. Our platform ensures efficient incident communication and enhances incident lifecycle management.


Automate Your Incident Communication With Tools You Already Use

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Status Page Examples

Your status page is the insurance for your customer relationship.

  • Enterprise

    Status Page Examples

    “Bottomline is at the forefront of making complex business payments simple, smart, and secure.” The company helps thousands of companies, in 92 countries, around the world.

    View the live status page -->
  • Education

    Status Page Examples

    Established in 1899, Southwest Texas State Normal School opened its doors in 1903. In 2013, the university's name was changed to Texas State University. Texas State offers more than 200 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs to 38,000 undergraduate and graduate students.

    View the live status page -->
  • SMB

    Status Page Examples

    DataVita provides a complimenting suite of Multi-Cloud and Data Centre solutions, ideal for the wide range of public sector organisations as well as bespoke requirements of the private sector businesses we power.

    View the live status page -->

Why you need a status page

Add always available and secure status pages to your incident management communication process. A status page can help you:

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    Build company reputation and trust.

    Improve customer relationships with transparent incident management processes and incident reports to enhance incident resolution efficiency.

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    Reduce customer service workload.

    Ease the strain on your support team from emails, calls, and social media backlash during unannounced service outages.

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    Real-time IT incident communication

    Keep your audience informed with a hosted status page. It stays up even if your servers are down, so you never lose connectivity with your end-users. This reliability is crucial for effective incident response, exemplifying the need for service management tools designed to handle incidents with precision.


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