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Downtime? Communicate with customers and maintain trust.

StatusHub- Communicate with customers and maintain trust.

Customers who trust StatusHub


Reduce downtime impact with effective communication for your customers and your team.

Proactively connect with customers.

Let customers know about planned or unplanned downtime before they find out on their own

Build company reputation and trust.

Improve customer relationships with transparent incident management processes, and demonstrate reliability and availability to potential customers.

Reduce customer service workload.

Ease strain on your support team from emails, calls, and social media backlash during unannounced service outages.

Real-time incident communication.

Shorten downtime with automated communication, and get systems back online with less stress.

Connected Hubs

Communicate to relevant audiences

Create status pages to address the different audiences your end-users belong to. Separate them based on country, product or data centres for example.

Efficient operations

With a shared service set up in connected hubs, creating one incident will update all the relevant hubs.

Handle complex configurations

There are numerous ways to configure connected hubs to ensure it works for you. The most simple is one level of shared and unique services between multiple hubs. But there is scope for much more.

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The best tools for efficient and flexible communication during incidents and maintenance events

Multiple notification channels

End users (staff or customers) can subscribe to notifications through your status hub website. Using a self-service interface, end users can choose how they receive the automated notifications — through email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WebHook, or your status site.

Embeddable status sharing

The goal is to display your status in as many relevant locations as possible so that users are sure to receive the information they need. StatusHub provides a number of ways to embed status monitoring in your own app or website using the StatusHub widget. We also have new badges coming soon for even more versatility.

Efficient incident management.

Use templates for incidents and maintenance events to save time and improve consistency in management processes.

Reliable status reporting.

Your status hub website stays up so you never lose connectivity with your customers, even if your servers are down.

Public or private status site

Set your status hub website to private so only members of your company can see it, and protect your private site with SAML 2.0 and OAuth password protection.

Monitoring tool integration.

Integrate StatusHub with your monitoring tools to automate incident creation, or create incidents manually.

StatusHub works with the tools you already use.

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