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Customers who trust StatusHub.

Customers complain about planned downtime.

To customers, planned downtime looks like unplanned downtime if they weren’t informed beforehand.

Create and schedule maintenance events.

Communicate proactively with your end users by letting them know about future scheduled downtime. Maintenance events can be updated in real time if the impact on the service changes.

Embeddable status sharing.

The goal is to display your status in as many relevant locations as possible so that users are sure to receive the information they need. StatusHub provides a number of ways to embed status monitoring in your own app or website using the StatusHub widget. We also have new badges coming soon for even more versatility.

Support and tech teams get overloaded.

Your support teams get exhausted doing damage control with unhappy customers.

Multiple notification channels.

End users (staff or customers) can subscribe to notifications through your status hub website. Using a self-service interface, end users can choose how they receive the automated notifications — through email, SMS, Twitter, Slack, Microsoft Teams, WebHook, or your status site.

Communicate incident status and service status (or don’t).

Use the traffic light system to communicate issues and downtime to users at first glance. Decide if users should be notified of updates, and send only relevant notifications in real time to subscribers. Relieve your support team from questions about service status and the incident resolution process.

Inadequate internal communication and incident monitoring.

IT response without automated alerts and communication is slow and makes unplanned downtime even more stressful.

Use of integrations (monitoring tools).

Automate as many of your tasks as possible by connecting your status hub with the most popular monitoring tools. We have several direct integrations, and our generic WebHook will work for most other cases. See the full list here

Create incidents manually or through integrations.

Use the control panel to create incidents manually or connect your StatusHub website with monitoring integrations to automate the incident communication process as much as possible.

StatusHub works with the tools you already use.

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