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Helping enterprises become actively transparent

Notify users about down-time, issues or scheduled maintenance. Learn how honest communication makes for happy customers.

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Communicate your uptime. Simply. Effectively

An interactive, dedicated hub

When things go wrong with mission critical web applications or services, letting people know and keeping them informed is the difference between a good and a bad experience that can not only damage your reputation, but your revenue as well.

StatusHub for enterprise provides an easy to use off-site hosted status page to enable you to notify your internal users and customers alike about what’s going on, how a service interruption event is progressing and how it is resolved.

The value of StatusHub Enterprise

Share your service value with all of your valued customers

When a customer can predict your behavior, that customer is more likely to trust you. Trust is the single most important part of the relationship you can build with your customers.

People will not buy from companies who they do not trust. By sharing your service uptime and availability historically in a transparent way with your customers, you demonstrate that you are trustworthy. Create confidence in your customers by showing them that your behavior is consistent over time.

“Hi your service is down - what’s happening?”

These calls and emails from your customers are not only are a cause of embarrassment to your front-line teams, but they can often hinder your ability to manage these service interruptions.

Proactive communication is a difference maker

A timely approach to communicating downtime and resolutions affects how your users perceive the transparency of your companies incident resolution process. This directly impacts your ability to reduce churn.

Your StatusHub is a sales champion for you

Having a StatusHub shows prospective clients that you are trustworthy. Demonstrating how you manage their trust (which is the single most important factor for a service) you openly display a strategic value of your service to any prospective customer.

Statushub helps you from minute one