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Colleges and universities communicate using StatusHub:


Deliver a great educational experience and inspire confidence with proactive communication.

Reduce the impact of downtime with timely incident communication.

When critical systems go down—for example, Student Information Systems (SIS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS)—reach out to students, staff, and faculty to let them know before the incident causes stress.

Always know the status of cloud-based services.

StatusHub reports on local systems and services that have been migrated to the cloud. Even if an outside network causes cloud-based services like class schedules, course registration, or project delivery to go down, your students, faculty, and staff will know what’s going on.

Offload pressure from support teams.

Automatic notifications minimize help requests related to offline services and relieve some of the stress during time sensitive incidents, so your teams can focus on problem solving and get systems online.

Maintain college and university reputation.

Transparent operations show that your service infrastructures are trustworthy and reduce stress for current and prospective students who rely on college or university services to accomplish the important things like meeting deadlines, registering for courses, and more.

The best tools for efficient and flexible communication during incidents and maintenance events

Disruption free adoption

StatusHub is clear and easy to use without technical training and easily integrates with your current infrastructure and monitoring services.

Configurable status hub websites

Create a status page that matches your college or university colors and theme. Educational institutions with multiple campuses can create a separate status site for each location or system. These sites can be public or private, depending on whether the site is for internal or student facing services.

Flexible communication

Students, staff, and faculty can choose how they want to receive notifications on your status site—SMS, Twitter, email—so your messages always reach them.

Platform wide alerts

If there’s a critical or emergency incident that everyone on campus needs to know about, you can send urgent alerts to all students, faculty, and staff.

Advanced student subscription management (coming soon)

StatusHub will automatically update your subscription base annually or each semester, whichever is best for your institution. This will enable your administration to automate more of their process and save time.

StatusHub works with the tools you already use.

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