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Campus service communication is mission critical

Notify students and faculty about down time, issues or scheduled maintenance. Learn how honest communication makes for a happy campus.

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Communicate your uptime. Simply. Effectively

An interactive, dedicated hub

When things go wrong with mission critical web applications or services on campus, letting students and faculty know makes the difference between a good and a bad experience that can damage your university’s reputation.

StatusHub for education provides an interactive and dedicated channel to communicate with your campus users proactively. It’s a simple, reliable means to communicate with them through the single most important device they have—their mobile phone—using SMS.

The value of Statushub for Education

Statushub understands universities, and they love us for it.

We’ve been extremely privileged to work with several universities and colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world. We understand your need for a service that is ready to deploy on campus in an easy-to-use, straightforward, cost effective, and refreshingly hands-off manner.


Help support your campus mobility strategy. StatusHub can easily integrate with your infrastructure and software monitoring services for a seamless transition to a more transparent operations setup.

Proactive communication is a game changer

A timely approach to communicating downtime and resolutions affects how your users perceive the transparency of your I.T. team’s incident resolution process. The more transparent your communication, the less frustration will be experienced by your users.

StatusHub is your a campus confidence champion

Having a StatusHub shows prospective students that your service infrastructure is trustworthy. Demonstrate how you manage their trust (the single most important selling point in educational services) to openly display the strategic value of your service to any prospective student.

Statushub helps you from minute one