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How statushub works for you and your customers

Trusted Features

Traffic Light System

StatusHub uses the traffic light system for first-glance identification of issues right on your StatusHub page.

SMS, Email, Webhooks

Using SMS and email is a great way to ensure that your customers get the message when service or resource availability changes.

Proactive notifications can reduce call volume for your support or customer care teams; meanwhile, the users depending on those services are kept up-to-date and retain their trust in your brand.

Thanks to our SMS, email, and webhook tools (for those who like to flex their DevOps skills), your users can get notifications as soon as you send them.

Maintenance Notifications made easy

Downtime for maintenance is essential. You know that. Your team knows that. And your customer should know that, too. Retain your customers’ trust by managing user expectations during downtime of the services they count on.

Privacy Management

Control your brand’s privacy by setting the visibility of your StatusHub status page to public or private at no extra cost.

With a public page, you create a transparent and visible beacon of trust for your brand, your services, and your value proposition. With a private page, you leverage StatusHub's secure service in your NOC or anywhere else in your offices.

Google Apps Integration

StatusHub can integrate with Google Apps right out of the box. Over 5 million businesses around the world have leveraged Google Apps for business-grade security. If your business uses Google Apps, StatusHub’s dashboard will be right at home in your tech toolbox.

API Integrations

StatusHub integrates with many of the popular tools in your service stack straight out of the box. By merging your StatusHub system with your favorite monitoring tools, you create a seamless, proactive notifications system to keep your team and your customers updated. Effortlessly.

Monitoring Solutions

Statushub can be connected to countless popular monitoring tools such as Pingdom , VictorOps , Uptime Robot , PagerDuty , PRTG , Nagios , NewRelic, SolarWinds and more.

Social Media

Automate your updates to post directly to Twitter and ensure the widest possible reach for your status updates—while earning an invaluable sense of brand transparency among customers.


Understanding the numbers behind what's going on allows you to make intelligent, informed decisions. Knowing how your StatusHub is working, being viewed, and being used by your customers allows you to tweak its performance to cater directly to their needs.

Whether it's finding better ways to promote your StatusHub to your customers or onboarding users into your StatusHub as part of their sign-up process, quantifying how it’s used helps you enhance your customers’ experience.

Statushub helps you from minute one