Provide clear communication for incidents, downtimes, and scheduled maintenance with end-users.

Top StatusHub Features for IT Incident Communication

Provide clear incident communication for service outages, downtime, and scheduled maintenance with end-users.

Features of the StatusHub incident communication solution make it easy to keep your customers and team informed during downtime events.

Incident communication is the process of keeping your customers and team informed during service outages, downtime, and scheduled maintenance. StatusHub offers a seamless incident communication solution for maintaining customer trust and quickly resolving incidents. Enhances your incident response strategy with StatusHub.

  • Self- service subscription to receive notifications

    End users can subscribe to notifications and manage their subscriptions through your status page. This self-service interface allows end users to choose their preferred means of communication for receiving automated notifications — through email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or WebHook. This feature ensures that whether you're dealing with a minor service interruption or a significant security or data loss incident, the right people are alerted promptly.

    Self- service subscription to receive notifications  screenshot
  • Embeddable status sharing

    The embeddable status-sharing feature allows you to communicate your status with external applications, such as Twitter or the StatusHub service status widget. The structure of this communication tool aims to display your status in as many relevant locations as possible. Without the need for extra steps, end-users can access real-time status updates directly on support page or even in the website footer.

    Embeddable status sharing screenshot
  • Import and manage subscribers

    With the CSV import tool, you're able to add subscribers and choose and enable notification channels for each of your services.

    Import and manage subscribers screenshot

Features for Incident Management & Reporting

  • Reliable status reporting - icon

    Reliable status reporting

    Your status page stays up at all times so that you never lose connectivity with your customers, even if your servers are down. This reliability is crucial for maintaining customer trust during incidents.

  • Create incidents manually or through integrations - icon

    Create incidents manually or through integrations

    Use the Control Panel to create incidents manually or connect your status page with monitoring integrations to automate the incident communication process as much as possible. Allows your incident response team to quickly acknowledge the issue and begin the process of resolving the incident.

  • Control the number of updates per incident  - icon

    Control the number of updates per incident

    You can select an option that will enable you to only receive the first and last incident updates. It is essential to ensure that key stakeholders receive only relevant notifications in real time. Also, you can customize which services and/or groups you want to receive notifications about.

  • Edit your subscription to the status page at any time

    Edit your subscription to the status page at any time

    Did you forget your link? We will resend your subscription link if you lost one, so you will be able to edit your subscription.

  • Platform alert - icon

    Platform alert

    Enabling an alert will set a banner across the top of your status page and will send a notification to all subscribers that haven’t opted out.

  • Communicate incident and service status  - icon

    Communicate incident and service status

    Use the traffic light system to communicate issues and downtime to users at first glance. Decide if users should be notified of updates, and send only relevant notifications in real-time to subscribers. Relieve your support team from answering questions about service status and the incident resolution process.

  • Multilingual status pages - icon

    Multilingual status pages

    Communicate to your audience in their preferred language to ensure efficient use of resources while responding to an incident. 

  • Manage SMS usage - icon

    Manage SMS usage

    You can enable an upper limit on SMS subscribers’ notification usage per month. The maximum number of notifications to be sent depends on your membership levels. Note that incidents often require multiple notifications.

  • Allowed subscriber email domains - icon

    Allowed subscriber email domains

    Enter domain names to restrict subscriber emails to selected domains.

Other features

StatusHub’s incident communication solution empowers your DevOps and incident response team with the right communication tools and a structure that supports effective communication during the entire duration of an incident. From alerting users at the first sign of trouble to celebrating the resolution of an incident, StatusHub ensures that your communication with affected users is timely and relevant, which ultimately contributes to resolving the incident and restoring service as quickly as possible.


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