About Pingdom

Pingdom is a global performance monitoring solution for your websites and web applications. Services include uptime monitoring, user monitoring, transaction monitoring, and page speed monitoring. Pingdom operates probes in 60+ locations around the world. The company is part of the SolarWinds Cloud portfolio.

StatusHub and Pingdom Integration Overview

Pingdom triggers an alert when it detects a problem with your web application. After establishing a secure connection between your Pingdom account and your StatusHub account, StatusHub will actively listen for these triggers.When StatusHub detects an issue it will then automatically create an incident report and post it to your StatusHub for near-instant awareness (and prompter action) for your team and your customers.

Your technical team now has time to investigate and, ideally, resolve the detected problem quickly knowing that customers and users are already informed.

Technical Overview of Pingdom Integration with StatusHub

Pingdom-StatusHub integration is done through the Pingdom Check tag, which allows for many-to-many association. One Pingdom Check can trigger incidents in multiple StatusHub Services, and one StatusHub Service can be connected to multiple Pingdom Checks.

Only incidents can be created in StatusHub via the Pingdom integration.

Currently we have an Escalation Level feature for Pingdom integration. This feature is in Beta and allows fine-tuning of the integration. For example, setting a custom incident title (default is “Pingdom Alert”) and custom incident body (default is taken from Pingdom, which is typically “up” or “down”) is possible when you integrate Pingdom with your StatusHub.

Additionally, Escalation Level allows you to customize the incident type and service status based on how many Pingdom Checks reported failures.

Example use cases for Escalation Level (beta) feature for Pingdom integration:

Monitoring web servers behind a load balancer where incident existence and service status depends on how many machines are down.

A Pingdom Check that creates only “Yellow” status incidents.

Monitoring features that are critical to many services and whose failure would create multiple incidents.

Read the full setup guide here:

Integrate Pingdom with StatusHub

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