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StatusHub Integration

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams is a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. StatusHub is built to communicate issues and incidents to the end users. Linking these two systems lets your team get notifications in Teams channel immediately after an outage was posted in StatusHub. Automate the detection and resolution process to solve issues in record time.

About Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams enables teams to communicate more effectively - work together and share information. You can utilize cool features like one-on-one chat, team chat, and document collaboration.on files with built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.


The StatusHub and Microsoft Teams integration allows you to improve collaboration and reduce MTTR with real-time messaging and simplified communication for your team. When an incident, maintenance event or platform alert is created in StatusHub a message instantly appears in your selected Teams channel. Getting all notifications in an accessible single place for messaging help everyone save time and collaborate together.

Microsoft Teams

Technical Overview of Microsoft Teams Integration with StatusHub

The integration works with “Incoming WebHooks” MS Teams Connector. Event notification sent to MS Teams will always contain following fields:

  • Hub name

  • Event message that will preserve formatting where it’s possible

In addition, for each type of event there can be additional fields added to notification:


  • Affected Service names

  • Affected Group names

  • Incident Update timestamp in UTC

  • Incident Update timestamp in Hub local time

  • Incident status


  • Affected Service names

  • Affected Group names

  • Maintenance start timestamp in UTC

  • Maintenance end timestamp in UTC

  • Maintenance start timestamp in Hub local time

  • Maintenance end timestamp in Hub local time

Platform Alert

  • Platform Alert subject

  • Timestamp of Platform Alert state change

Check how StatusHub works for you and your end users!