About PagerDuty

PagerDuty enables DevOps teams to deliver high-performing apps and delightful customer experiences. With real-time alerts and visibility into critical systems and applications, operations teams can quickly detect, triage, and resolve incidents from development through production.


PagerDuty aggregates data from multiple monitoring tools depending on your setup. When PagerDuty identifies an incident in your system, it will push this notification to your StatusHub account through our secure connection. When StatusHub receives this notification it will then automatically create an incident report and post it to your StatusHub, automating one of the more time-consuming steps in the incident resolution process.

Your technical team now has time to investigate and, ideally, resolve the detected problem quickly with the peace of mind of knowing that your customers and users have been informed.

Technical Overview of PagerDuty Integration with StatusHub

Because PagerDuty integration is done through a URL with a service token, it’s a one-to-many association. A single webhook can’t create incidents in multiple services.

The PagerDuty integration can only create incidents in StatusHub.

A “Yellow” StatusHub status is not possible with this integration. Only “Red” and “Green” options will be relevant.

The incident title will be “PagerDuty Alert” and, currently, can not be customized.

The incident body will be taken from the “subject” key from “triggersummarydata”, which consists of the incident details. Example body: “CPU Load High on xdbproductionecho.”

Read the full setup guide here:

Integrate PagerDuty with StatusHub

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