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StatusHub Integration - Uptime Robot

Type: Monitoring Service

Uptime Robot is a web monitoring tool which smartly monitors your website or application for problems, eliminating the need for constant vigilance on the part of your tech team. StatusHub is built to communicate about issues and incidents to your users and customers.

Linking these two systems allows your technical team to take advantage of automation and save valuable time. Time is everything during unexpected incidents. Minimize downtime and optimize communication with this time-saving tech team.

About Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot: Downtime happens - Get Notified! Uptime Robot operates over 50 monitoring services and checks your site for errors every five minutes.

StatusHub and Uptime Robot Integration Overview

Uptime Robot monitors your website or web application. When Uptime Robot identifies an issue with your website, it pushes a notification to your StatusHub account via our secure connection. Then, StatusHub receives this notification and automatically creates an incident report that is available for immediate review in your StatusHub.

Your technical team now has time to investigate and, ideally, resolve the problem quickly. Detect issues before damage to your brand image or customer satisfaction occurs; then, keep your customers satisfied with to-the-minute updates on progress.

Technical Overview of Uptime Robot Integration with StatusHub

Because Uptime Robot integration is done through a URL with a service token, it’s a one-to-many association. One webhook cannot signal an incident in multiple services.

Only incidents can be created in StatusHub with the Uptime Robot integration.

StatusHub incident statuses will always be displayed as “investigating” and “resolved” when Uptime Robot alerts are triggered and closed respectively, minimizing the need for time-consuming manual updates.

“Yellow” StatusHub status is not possible to achieve with this integration. Only “Red” and “Green” options will be used.

Incident title will be “[Uptime Robot] Alert”. Currently, the alert cannot be customized.

Incident body will be taken from the content of “alertDetails.”

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