About New Relic

New Relic gives you deep performance analytics for every part of your software environment. You can easily view and analyze massive amounts of data and gain actionable insights in real time. By embracing the power and accessibility of the cloud, New Relic grew rapidly and quickly became an integral tool for developers, IT ops teams, and executives around the world.


When New Relic detects a problem with your web application, it will trigger an alert. StatusHub will establish a secure connection between your New Relic account and your StatusHub account; then, StatusHub will actively listen for these triggers. When New Relic alerts StatusHub to an issue, it will automatically create an incident report and post it to your StatusHub. This saves your technical team time during the discovery process and expedites the resolution process.

Your technical team now has time to investigate and, ideally, resolve the problem quickly knowing that your customers and users have already been informed.

Technical Overview of New Relic Integration with StatusHub

Important: New Relic integration currently works for the APM and Servers module in New Relic.

The connection between StatusHub services and Servers/Applications in New Relic is made through the Server/Application name.

The New Relic integration can only create and update incidents in StatusHub.

StatusHub incident status will only appear as either “investigating” or “resolved”. Other statuses are not supported.

A “Yellow” StatusHub status is not possible with this integration. Only “Red” and “Green” options are available and relevant.

The incident title will be “New Relic Alert” and, currently, cannot be customized.

The incident body will be taken from the “long_description” field of the New Relic alert.

Read the full setup guide here:

Integrate New Relic with StatusHub

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