About Site24x7

Site24x7 supports a wide range of open source services, technologies, platforms, and frameworks. It is an all-in-one monitoring solution that helps IT and DevOps teams break down the complex relationships between their IT infrastructure, applications, customers, and businesses.


Site24x7 server monitoring helps track server performance and sends notifications when server outages occur. StatusHub will establish a secure connection between your Site24x7 account and your StatusHub account, and Site24x7 will send the information about the issue to your StatusHub. Then StatusHub will automatically create an incident report and post it to your StatusHub, automating this time-consuming step in the incident resolution process.

Your technical team now has time to investigate and, ideally, resolve the detected problem quickly with the peace of mind of knowing that your customers and users have already been informed.

Technical Overview of Site24x7 Integration with StatusHub

Site24x7 integration is done through a webhook. It can only create incidents for a service using a specified token.

The Site 24x7 “STATUS” key value “DOWN” causes the service status to change to “red” (down).

The key value “TROUBLE” creates a “yellow” (issue) status in StatusHub.

The key value “UP” leads to a “green” (up) status.

The incident title is “Site24x7 Alert” and, currently, cannot be customized.

The incident body consists of the “MONITORNAME” key value followed by “INCIDENT_REASON”. Example message: “App Service - Bad Gateway”.

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Read the full setup guide here:

Integrate Site24x7 with StatusHub

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