StatusHub Integration


Zendesk is a customer support ticket system & sales CRM software company. It helps create a better experience through their customer service software. Connecting Zendesk to Statushub via the add-on will allow you to display recent and planned events from your status page while working on a ticket. Allowing your help desk team to increase efficiency and save time.

About Zendesk

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that makes better experiences for agents, admins, and customers. It brings all your customer interactions to one easy to use platform. Top company features include a support ticket system, knowledge base, community forums and a help desk software.


This integration gives support teams or agents better and more effective visibility on issues. This app is available within the App Directory in Zendesk and allows your support team to view any issue that has happened up to 90 days in the past along with any maintenance planned for 90 days into the future. Ability to have immediate information about the status of services is valuable for your team as they resolve your customer's queries.


Technical Overview of Zendesk Integration with StatusHub

To set up the integration please follow these 6 easy steps:

Go to hub editing page (only hub owners can do that) Navigate to "External Applications" section By default Zendesk app is disabled. Enable the Zendesk application and copy the token value Go to your Zendesk admin section, navigate to Marketplace and find the StatusHub application During installation, Zendesk will ask for token, paste in the value you copied from StatusHub After installation app will be visible inside Apps panel while in ticket view

If you need to change settings you can do this in Zendesk → Admin → Apps → Manage → StatusHub → Change settings → App Configuration

Check how StatusHub works for you and your end users!