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StatusHub Features  2016


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Features review from 2016

In this post we want to share some features that were created or updated back in 2016.

We are currently moving content from our old blog platform so while you might already know these features it is always good to take a fresh look at things. And as we are always upgrading & enhancing features, some of the items have been edited to reflect the current state.

Platform Wide Updates

Platform Wide Alerts is a quick and easy way to notify subscribers when disaster strikes and multiple services are affected by the same serious problem. Once enabled StatusHub will add a large red notification bar to the top of your page. Also, StatusHub will notify all your subscribers of the issue even those who would normally miss notifications to the affected services, due to being only subscribed to a subset of your services.

SAML 2.0

We've added the ability to not only protect your statushub page with a SAML 2.0 IAM/IdP service but the ability to also protect the login to your account via SAML 2.0 also.


You can now get notifications from your StatusHub into your Slack account. You can do this by subscribing to a hub, selecting the services you want to receive notifications about & have them published to a Slack channel.

Subscription Confirmations

When people subscribe to your status site for email or SMS updates, it was annoying for them to have to confirm that. We've moved past that as a whole when it comes to subscriptions to email notifications on the Internet. Subscriptions are immediate with unsubscribe links included in the bottom of the email notification of subscription & a link in SMS's to update it.

SMS Subscription Improvement

When a user subscribes to your status site, we've now made that process a lot clearer & in-line with norms with a country-code prefix selector to make it clearer.

Silent Updates

Sometimes you need to post an update or change status without sending out a slew of emails or SMS notifications. We've added the option to do this.

Pingdom Integration

We've updated our integration with Pingdom to take advantage of their recent API upgrade, which should make integration a lot easier to manage & get going.

New Relic Integration

We have added New Relic integration to our growing list of monitoring tools.

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