7 Product updates | October - November 2019


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Check out the latest StatusHub updates and features, including “follow up incident”, ‘silent’ update option in Site24x7 integration and more for the last two months.

1. Create a Follow-up Incident

It is possible to create a follow-up incident, indicating its connection with the previous incident that was already resolved. This update contains functional and visual parts, please check this help doc for more details: Follow-up incident.

2.“Silent mode” option created for Site24x7 integration

Now it is possible to turn on silent incidents in the integration with Site24x7. This option allows the integration to post the update to your status page but prevents your subscriber's from receiving a notification via their chosen method. Check out our helpdoc for more information.

3. WYSIWYG editor for hub description

Now you can customize your status page description using the WYSIWYG editor.

4. Google OAuth multiple domains support

Instead of just one domain name, now user can provide multiple domains names for Google OAuth authorization.

When adding multiple domains space please use a comma to separate them.

Detailed information about this feature is in the help doc: How to connect your StatusHub to Google Apps.

5. Ignore incidents during maintenance

Automated Incidents suppression can now ignore incidents instead of saving those as a draft.

This is an upgrade of the Incident suppression feature.

6. Manage Connected Hubs via API

The StatusHub API can be used to create, delete and copy Connected Hubs. The copy will copy all visual settings (except for logo and favicon) as well as other settings (protection) and associated services.

The API also allows attaching/detaching of services per Connected Hub.

Here is the Connected Hubs section in the StatusHub public API - Platform Alert.

7. API rate limiting

From now on the StatusHub API has two rate limits:

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